Saturday, April 3, 2010

They did it again!!

As we had that whole sh** before now Azure played the same game on us. and even worse we felt it was comming. the sims were getting less populated and it was all empty. But we thought they would let us know! how ignorant, again! Suddenly we couldn't get online anymore and with a map inspection we saw the sim was gone ................ even without telling, without a notice. Such bad business. And even worse just after we payed the tier for the week. No refunds of course.

Soooooooooo we are starting again! Because we never give up! Because we are hard-core and we rule!


So if you would like to check out the place, just hop on the link and have a quick peek. Off course nothing is yet as it should be and we need to set up the whole store >>>>>>>>>>LINK>>>>>>>>>>>&gt

oh and I thought pink looked cute for Easter ................................

Monday, January 25, 2010

She's Famous now!!

Our dear  Deatoris 'Dea' to friends got herself interviewed for 'The Herald'. We are so proud and would love you to read it too.

She is an outstanding DJ at several places like Alt7 and Popscene and you really need to go and hear her (Fred likes to brag he persuaded to get her  into the DJ-ing) Go and listen for yourself and not only for her sweetest and most sexy 'French' accent.

Monday, November 9, 2009

TLE will be back and will be stronger and bigger and .............

Some days ago we were suddenly aware of the fact that Kitviel Silberberg was getting back online. Kitviel is the founder of TLEeducational Network. Due to a really bad experience with sim-owners and other SL related badness they had to close down all of their projects. Over 3 months it was very quiet. But ................. TLE Educational Network is coming back to Second Life. And we are very happy with that. Not only because we had a very good business-relationship with them. Mainly it's because of their profounding and never ending optimism. TLE Educational Network is a free university for anybody who has acces to the internet. They provide classes on so many different levels and interests. They publish books on a great varity off  topics. By using the internet they try to bring "Art" closer to the audiance. Their World History Museum and Zoo are an interactive way to provide knowledge about our life on earth and it's history. Stay tuned on what will come soon .............

TLE Educational Network we welcome you all back to Second Life and we hope your return will be an even bigger succes then it already has been!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Voting Day on my DSB logo's

Today I have a personal question. Today there is a voting for the best logo for the crowdsourcingmovie 'DSB the movie'. AEster made 3 logo's and anybody who would like to help and vote for one of them I send my regards. you don't need to much more then to vote for a logo. You can vote once a time for each logo. Remember this isn't a  contest for money. I won't get payed if mine will get used!

Here is the place to be!!

Thank you all!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Suspended on Twitter??!!

Ok I am totally flabbergasted but we are supended on Twitter. Today i got this on our account:

Account Suspended

This account is currently suspended and is being investigated due to strange activity. If we have suspended your account mistakenly, please let us know. SeeSuspended Accounts for more information.

Well that made me read the rules and as far as I can see everybody is twittering against them. I have followers and I follow people but not to spam them. I like to be part of the community over there but if it means that I have to watch whatever I say i think it's gonna be the end of our twitter account. I submitted a ticket and wrote an email so lets hear what they have to tell us.

Last Updat: as if it was a miracle today the account is back to normal and nothing has been said or done about it 0-0 sometimes I wonder ................

Wel at least the whole thing made me enter plurk wich is a fun place to be too sooo 
this has been for the best.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Step Up!!! For Content Creators In Second Life!

Ok it's finally time to Step Up! On Thursday the 5th of November 2009 we content creators are going to show that we step up for content creators and want LL to do something about the copybot (and all other versions) users. We are way to long been abused and ignored. I know most people don't give much about who made what. But to us it is a big matter and I hope that most of you out there will support us on this. Get a free ribbon or a free backpack at XStreet and let us know you support the case.
Step UP! Headquarters on Planet Mongo 
Inworld search for the group:
Step UP! Against Content Theft and join for free

Get a free Step Up kit at Xstreet

There are too many people victim of this for LL to keep on ignoring us!
If you are a content Creator or you are a blogger and supporting this cause please sent me your url and I will list you in here!!

IMF InSync Music Factory is opening soon ...............

Told ya that we are working on something new? Long, Long time ago Fred was a DJ in SL. But the DJ-ing got him into a lot of drama. So after we ended up he slowly got out of that. Not that I wanted him too but he did. I know he misses it. He knows so much about music. He also is capable to make wonderfull sets. he can capture his feeling at that moment with the music he chooses. So after me nagging on him he decided to get back. Well if he has time for it. So we decided to get out the factory and remodel it. It's becoming a great club. It won't have the purpose to get it running for the whole week. It will be a place where Fred can run his sets and maybe some of his friends will have some sets there aswell............. it's a growing thing and we don't have excact idea of what it will going to be.we will go with the flow! We will anounce our sets through facebook and twitter become friends with us and you will know when it is happening. It will be impromtue and there will be no real timeing for it. Just for enjoying music and having fun together!

Follow the SLURL and come and have fun!!!!!!